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about us

vision & values

We believe the best things in life are experiences shared with people you love. We're passionate about helping to make the most of the moments we share in person. 


The fotostax story begins with our founder, Jonathan, thinking it would be awesome to have a motion photo of the first dance at his wedding. He loved the instant prints of this moment - and wondered, what if the photos could move?


Learn more about where our curiosity is taking us!

What is fun is often so different for so many people. For some of us fun can be travelling to new places, for others it’s partying with their friends.

Regardless of how you have fun, we want to create devices that enhance those experiences for you and your loved ones.


We are building a culture that fosters action and creativity, inclusivity and openness, and a sense of adventure.

We don’t want to just build the future of photography and printing. We want to bring sci-fi into reality— and we have some crazy new technologies in the pipeline!


We want to make the world a better place, and that starts with ourselves. We are committed to improving how the printing industry does business.

We are working hard to build circularity through our modular-upgradeable design and development with recycled materials. 


stay tuned for our launch!

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Thanks for joining. Let's create the future of photography together!

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