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Your personal handheld printer that lets you capture and instantly print high-quality: 

(provisional patent)

all ​with just a touch of a button and a few seconds to print. 

Print Moving Images


Introducing the fotostax Motion™

Easy as Pie
Instantly Print and Share

You see an epic sunrise, your friend doing a trick on a skateboard, or a heart-warming scene with your friends and family. You capture it on your phone, but it stays there, lives there. You don’t share that moment, and in time, you might never. At most, it might get a passing glance when you go through your storage to clear space or graces your social media for a few hours before being forgotten. If you do print the photo, it will be days or weeks later, and it won’t be the same sharing it then.

With the Motion™ you don’t have to wait.


Capture that moment, print that moment, share that moment – instantly. Unlike traditional instant-print cameras, the fotostax Motion™ lets you capture or choose photos in your phone, allowing you to digitally store these alongside your instantly printed shareable photo.

Integrates with Multiple Devices

The fotostax Motion™ is designed to be compatible across multiple devices - including Android, iPhones, and computers. As long as you have a Bluetooth/WiFi capable device, you can print with the Motion™. 

What it Do
High Quality Images
Moving Images
3D Images

Imagine being able to easily print a 3D image of your loved one, or of a famous moment in sport history – with the play flying off the photo in an exciting 3D format. With the fotostax Motion™ you can print your own series of captured images in 3D format or you can choose any static image to be automatically converted to 3D, giving your photos a sense of life they have never had before.

Embed Effects in Flip Images

With the fotostax Motion™ you can create before-and-after photos with multiple stages of effects. This can range from cute effects such as including your child’s favorite animated character to run alongside them in the motion image, to fun effects such as animating your friend posing with different objects in each frame, to practical effects such as an architect giving a client a photo which can be rotated to show distinct options for a new building or room.

Plug and Play

The Motion™, along with its accompanying smartphone app, is designed to be intuitive and interactive - so you spend less time figuring out which buttons to click next and more time having fun with your near and dear ones. 

Choose the type of image you want to print, point your camera, and click a button. It's as simple as that. 


There is a first time for everything, and most times, those moments never happen again. The fotostax Motion™ is designed to be truly portable so you can capture those serendipitous moments - and print them!

By designing the Motion™ as a phone case, we are building it so that it can easily fit in your purse or pocket. Print, on the go.

'Til Death Do Us Part
Modular and Green Electronics

At fotostax, we believe in perpetual relationships. Most consumer electronics are designed with planned obsolescence in mind, forcing users to buy an entire new device just to get a marginal upgrade. We believe this is not only wasteful to the environment, but also inconsiderate to the users.

We have designed the fotostax Motion™ with the concept of constant upgradability in mind, so you have access to not just software updates but also to the latest hardware mods, which we will be releasing periodically. So you never have to throw out your trusty device just because a newer model gets released.

You can grow with your device. Welcome to the new era of upgradeable electronics.

Hardware Upgrades

Your beloved Motion™ is once and forever, period. However, software upgrades can only take you so far. We realize this, and due to the inherent modular design, your device will be upgradeable with newer parts as they are released. If you are a DIY enthusiast you could install the upgrades yourself with ease, or if you’d rather we take care of it, you can send us your Motion™ and we’ll install the upgrades for you.

Join us in becoming part of the change towards businesses that respect their customers as well as the environment –not just in an ad, but fundamentally in how the business runs.

Software Updates

Imagine waking up one day to find your device with dated graphics; that is a nightmare, especially when the device happens to be dealing with printing precious moments of your life. Let us take care of that problem for you, while you enjoy those moments which happen ever only once in a lifetime. Your device shall be capable of automatically receiving the latest software upgrades and patches and being the best in the market.

These updates will also increase the capability of your device – introducing new graphics, abilities to manipulate pictures, and ways to capture and print!

Environmental Printing

At fotostax  we understand the consequences of the burden of plastic and electronic waste on our planet. It’s our home, our only home, and we don’t get a second chance at it. We are building the Motion™ to use recycled material for its consumables, and for the Motion™ itself to be upgradeable – reducing the plastic and electronic waste of discarded products. Whenever you upgrade your product, we’ll take your older components and recycle them to be reused elsewhere.

We want to do business differently than how it’s been done before. Let’s do it right.

Have you ever imagined printing a video? For the first time ever you can. The fotostax Motion™ allows you to capture a series of images and print them into a short film format that you can replay forever without using electricity. You can record special moments from your wedding to be instantly shared with your guests, you can capture epic videos of your friend cliff-diving and print them instantly, or you could capture a video of your child taking their first steps and share that moment with their grandparents. 

With this breakthrough in capability the worlds of photography and printing will never be the same. 

The fotostax Motion™ prints higher resolution than any other instant print device – this level of detail allows the Motion™ to not only print moving and 3D images, but also beautifully sharp static images.  


Capture and print images like never before.

Print Moving Images


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